How to open an Avocado

I remember when I first started this journey to a healthy life, I was looking up healthy recipes online (so, I could choose what to cook for dinner), I wanted something healthy, I didn’t want to resort to my old way of eating so I was determined to find something healthy to cook.

After an hour of searching through recipes, I finally came across a vegan recipe that called for avocado. Since, I did not like the meal I will not mention where I got the recipe, you know, to be nice. I went to the grocery store to purchase the items I needed for this recipe, that I did not already have at home in the fridge…

Now that I have everything, I get ready to prepare my veggies, I wash them off and began chopping my veggies… I was doing well with following the recipe until I got to the part of the recipe that called for diced avocado… The avocado was easy enough to cut through, but I was not expecting a hard seed in the middle… I’m cutting when I hit a something hard so, I began to cut around the avocado, my thought was once I was finished cutting around what seemed to be something hard in the middle of the avocado, I would then pull it apart, yeah no, that didn’t work, I tried pulling that damn thing apart for a minute until I got frustrated and said, screw it, So I decided to twist it off and it came apart, making two halves. I now see, what was so hard that was on the inside of the avocado, it was a seed. I got the avocado cut in half now, I am thinking how I am going to get this seed out. I tugged on the seed, nothing. I decided I am going to cut the seed out, lucky for me my alter ego, Erica got mad and said try chopping the seed, so I tried chopping the seed yeah, that didn’t work either, until I hit the seed to hard and the knife got stuck (I believe my knife was dull) and when I tried to pull the knife out of the seed, the seed came out. I said to myself this is some bullshit. To avoid you guys from going through the same thing, below I left instruction on how to open an Avocado.


How to Open an Avocado


  1. Wash off the avocado, I know you’re wondering why wash off the avocado when you’re not eating the skin and I say to that, I agree with you, but since it’s a healthy thing to do, lets wash off the avocado.

  2. Hold the avocado in one hand and with a sharp knife began to slowly cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed. (The seed sits in the middle and it will be hard). Then place both of the palms of your hands around the avocado (as if, you’re trying to cover it up) hold firmly and twist (like your opening a jar) until the avocado  comes apart and becomes two halves.

  3. Now you must remove the seed from the avocado. This can be done two different ways     (that I know).

  • Take a sharp knife and hit it into the seed and twist like your opening a soda bottle.

  • Or take a spoon put it up against the seed (between seed and fruit) and gently work the seed out.

  1. Now you want to peel the skin off the avocado which is quite easy to do.

  • You want to peel the dark part of the skin off leaving only the green to yellow portion of the avocado.

  • You can use your hand or a knife whichever is easier. Make sure you have no part of the dark skin left on the avocado because it is not consumable (You can’t eat it).

  1. Finally, you can chop up the avocado however, you prefer, Enjoy!



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