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Banana Strawberry Smoothie

I made this creamy smoothie on a nice sunny day, with a nice cool breeze, so I could sit out on my back patio and enjoy the day. I sat back and relax and watch nature take its course. Let me tell you, what I see every day in my back yard. In the back is a lot of trees, (for privacy, of course, on the other side of those trees is someone’s house) to the sides are those chain fences, you know the kind you would see at a tennis court. The front leading to the front of the house is open. Continue reading Banana Strawberry Smoothie



Drinking green smoothies have really been doing wonders for my weight loss. There are smoothie recipes out there online, but I try my own by trial and error anyone can do this just add some green veggies, some flaxseed, Chia seed or hemp seed and your favorite fruit and go for it. I am going to share with you one of my smoothie recipes I like to call “The Green Monster” for more information about the benefits of the Green Monster smoothie click hereContinue reading GREEN MONSTER SMOOTHIE